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Meet Gary Schuman: A Political Candidate for Congress 2024

Gary Schuman is an advocate for democratic values and a proud resident of Maryland. Born and raised in New York, Gary's passion for public service was ignited at a young age. He ran the district office for New York State Assemblyman Arthur J. Cooperman, prior to his becoming a New York State Supreme Court Judge. Young Gary Schuman witnessed firsthand the importance of strong constituent services and community engagement.​

A journalist and entrepreneur by profession, Gary's degrees in Political Science, Communications, and English from Queens College reflect his ability to listen, analyze issues objectively, and communicate clearly. Gary has had columns, articles, exposes and features in The New York Times, The Daily News and locally in The Mid Atlantic Media Publications, including Baltimore Style, Washington Family and Baltimore Jewish Times. Gary Schuman was the Editor of The Boyton News and Palm Beach life Magazine in Florida. He has given voice to local concerns across Maryland. Gary Schuman is an avid chef and has opened many tablecloth restaurants. He has also been a Food and Beverage consultant for several international hotels. His business acumen and understanding of food sets Gary Schuman apart from the rest. He understands budgetary necessities. Gary Schuman also knows how to prepare and distribute food to the hungry among us. Now, as a candidate for The United States House of Representatives in Maryland's 3rd Congressional District, Gary is campaigning to bridge divides, uphold democratic principles, and prioritize the needs of all constituents through exceptional services and representation.

“ I will accept no Pac money; no Superpac money; No Dark Money. I will be your Congressman, responsible to the 3rd Congressional District of Maryland; the State of Maryland and The United States of America”. He proudly proclaims you can quote him on this, and hold him to this!

Protect our democracy and vote for a candidate who does NOT accept PAC money. Gary Schuman For Congress 2024 - Maryland's 3rd Congressional District

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