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Israeli Arrogance and Incompetence - Netanyahu must go!

Benjamin Netanyahu

My unwavering support for Israel is predicated on Israel’s focus on an efficient manner to protect its citizens. I have always disagreed with Netanyahu politically and philosophically. Now, in the middle of a war notwithstanding, he must go. There can be no elections. Netanyahu must resign, effective immediately. He is the Donald Trump of the Middle East. Israel will lose all support, economic and diplomatic, if Netanyahu remains in power. He is a prime example of why all modern democracies need strict, narrow term limits. He lacks humanity. Israel began as, and has been supported for over 3⁄4 of a century as, The Jewish State. Netanyahu may in fact have been born a Jew and a Sabra. He is nothing more than a new age leader. He was born in the new state of Israel when Israel was in its infancy. From my standpoint as a Jew and vociferous supporter of Israel and Jews worldwide, Netanyahu has ceased to be either. He is an example of the problem with our world today: ARROGANCE! Arrogance and tribalism. Arrogant leaders from the Arab community and also Hamas sympathizing pseudo-progressives in Hollywood, the media, and even Congress.

Iran promoted, financed, and weaponized Hamas to cause Israel to be seen as overreacting, and therefore lose world support. This backs Israel into a corner, causing the need to be more aggressive in light of lessened worldwide support. Now, due to incompetence, something Israel has never been, Netanyahu must go.

As my Hungarian Jewish grandmother from the Bronx would say, in Yiddish: “Geyn mit gut gezunt; gey shoyn”! Translation: “Go with good health; just go already!”


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