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Gary Schuman's Mission

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Gary Schuman's mission is to restore faith in government. Gary puts people over partisan politics.


Together we will:

  • Protect American Democracy.

  • Eliminate the Electoral College.

  • Eliminate corporate influence in campaigns.

  • Enact term limits for Congress and The Supreme Court.


House The Homeless. Feed the Hungry. Care for The Sick. Engage the Elderly. Embrace all different people. Welcome the stranger, and continue the American moral approach to humane immigration.


  • End "Tribal Politics" by being the bridge that brings people together. Gary rejects divisiveness, instead embracing open and respectful dialogue to find common ground.

  • Champion Democratic Values like diversity, inclusion, caring for all, and upholding the founding ideals that have made America a thriving democracy.

  • Provide Unparalleled Constituent Services with a 24/7 congressional office, ensuring every call is answered by one of “Schuman’s Humans”. A real live person and a member of the 3rd Congressional District will answer the phone and be ready to assist at any hour, any day of the year!


Gary is passionate about focusing on our similarities, not differences - learning from each other while celebrating our distinctive individualities. His mission is rooted in the belief that we don't need to be friends to have mutual respect.

As an independent voice refusing all PAC and corporate donations, Gary Schuman offers a progressive yet unifying vision for positive change in Maryland's 3rd District and beyond.

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