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Revitalizing Communities: Transforming Vacant Properties into Homes and Hope

An apartment building

As a congressional candidate in Maryland, Gary Schuman proposes a solution to address homelessness by repurposing vacant properties. Our state faces both a growing homeless population and an abundance of unused real estate. By collaborating with local leaders and property owners, we can convert abandoned storefronts, schools, and strip malls into affordable housing.

These spaces would not only provide shelter but also serve as centers for vocational training and community support. From carpentry and plumbing to urban farming and landscaping, people will have the opportunity to learn practical skills. Imagine a homeless individual learning carpentry in a repurposed storefront, contributing to the renovation of their own home.

Empowering the homeless is crucial. We envision skill-building programs within these housing complexes, connecting residents with job opportunities. Let’s create a Maryland where everyone has a place to call home and a chance to thrive.


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