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Protecting Our Democracy

Protecting our democracy is crucial. From eliminating the electoral college to reducing corporate involvement, our democracy needs immediate attention and reform.

Let us address the elephant in the room—the Electoral College. A system devised in a different era, when quills scratched parchment and powdered wigs adorned our Founding Fathers. But today, my friends, we wield smartphones, not muskets; we navigate cyberspace, not horse-drawn carriages. It is time to bid adieu to this antiquated relic.

The Electoral College, with its complicated rules and winner-takes-all approach, distorts the voice of the people. We must heed the call for reform, urging lawmakers to open their minds to change. Our constitution, while remarkable, should not be an immovable monolith. Let us explore where other democracies have found success and chart a course toward a more equitable system.


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