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Navigating the Israel-Iran Conflict: Perspectives from Gary Schuman

Israel, amidst the conflict

Israel has been in conflict with Iran since 1985. Iran and Syria have been economically and militarily supporting Hamas and other terrorist groups. Media outlets have been blaming and attacking Israel, which is not denying anything. The position seems to be that any terrorist group and anyone backing that group is the enemy of the state of Israel. An Iranian military leader was killed in Syria.

Gary Schuman reaffirms his unwavering support for the state of Israel and its people, and further proclaims that other members of Congress either do the same or at least understand. Israel is a sovereign nation. Here in the United States, we are experiencing border issues, infrastructure challenges, tragedies, and violence in cities and suburbs. We do not welcome other nations’ leaders mingling and criticizing the way we run our nation. Furthermore, Gary Schuman is not alone in this opinion. The Pentagon and the United States military understand that Israel is our closest ally, and we need them to be safe, solvent, and secure even more than they need our support.


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