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Make America America AGAIN!!!

Gary Schuman, a liberal candidate for Congress in Maryland's 3rd district, believes we need

to house the homeless, feed the hungry, care for the sick, engage the elderly, embrace

diversity, and welcome immigrants. These are the founding principles of the United States

and the ideals that will keep America thriving as a free, advanced, and safe democracy.

President Biden's re-election by a significant majority is expected. At 80 years old, he

remains as sharp as ever, with a relaxed and informal demeanor. His experience is an

asset. Vice President Kamala Harris is prepared to take over the presidential reins in 4


As Democrats, we cannot allow Republicans to misrepresent our values. The United

States is a democracy, and Democrats like Gary Schuman will continue to uphold and

protect American democratic principles as we have historically done. Gary's campaign for

Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District, covering Howard County, Anne Arundel County,

Columbia, and Annapolis, resonates with voters seeking progressive leadership on key

issues such as affordable housing, hunger relief, healthcare access, senior support,

diversity and inclusion, and immigrant rights.


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