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Gary Schuman Story

Discover the story behind Gary Schuman's unconventional approach to campaign funds. Learn how he plans to win without relying on PAC money.

In the heart of Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District, where rolling hills meet bustling cities, a beacon of hope emerges—a man named Gary Schuman. His story is one of resilience, compassion, and a fierce dedication to the American dream.

A journalist and entrepreneur by profession, Gary's degrees in Political Science, Communications, and English from Queens College reflect his ability to listen, analyze issues objectively, and communicate clearly. Gary Schuman is an advocate for democratic values and a proud resident of Maryland. Born and raised in New York, Gary's passion for public service was ignited at a young age. He ran the district office for New York State Assemblyman Arthur J. Cooperman, prior to his becoming a New York State Supreme Court Judge. Young Gary Schuman witnessed firsthand the importance of strong constituent services and community engagement.

Upholding Democratic Principles

Gary Schuman wears his Democratic values like a badge of honor. But it’s not just about party lines; it’s about the principles that underpin our democracy. Integrity, transparency, and humanity—these are the cornerstones of Schuman’s approach. He doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk.

Innovative Campaign Strategy

Schuman’s campaign isn’t business as usual. He rejects the influence of PAC funds, choosing an unconventional path. His strategy? People power. He believes that victory should be earned through genuine connections, not corporate coffers. It’s a bold move—one that speaks to his commitment to a united America.

A Call to Unity

“Join the excitement about Gary Schuman!” The rallying cry echoes across Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District. Schuman aims to unite—not just Democrats, but Republicans too. Through respect, communication, and compassion, he seeks solutions to the problems that plague all Americans.

So, let us stand with Gary Schuman—a man who embodies the promise of democracy. Let us rally behind his vision, for in unity lies our strength. Together, we’ll write a new chapter—one where bridges replace walls, and hope outshines division.


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