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Protecting Our Democracy: Gary Schuman's Plan for Electoral Reforms

First, we need to eliminate the Electoral College system and transition to a direct popular

vote for presidential elections. This reform will not only ensure that every vote carries equal

weight but also drastically alter the current primary process.

There will be no need for individual state primaries and caucuses under Gary Schuman's

plan. Instead, there will be a national primary day followed by a runoff primary one month

later to determine the top two candidates if no one secures over 50% of the votes.

The runoff primary system, along with potential runoff general elections between the top two vote-getters, will facilitate Schuman's next critical reform - eliminating PACs, Super PACs, and all corporate involvement in the election process. Elections must be funded solely by public tax dollars, with all candidates having equal campaign budgets to ensure a level playing field.

The reason for a 2 term presidency was so that the President would be accountable to the

people. Unfortunately this has in recent times turned the first term into a 4 year long

campaign for re-election. We must limit the presidency to ONE 4 year term!

A one-term presidency will motivate presidents to govern more responsively and

responsibly. Alternatively, if the two-term system persists, a constitutional amendment

should mandate that the terms must be consecutive, preventing any president from holding office for over a 10 year span. This reform would allow vice presidents to ascend to power and potentially run for two terms, provided their ascension occurred midway through the original term.

Gary Schuman's comprehensive plan aims to protect American democracy by implementing key electoral reforms like abolishing the Electoral College, establishing a national primary system, eliminating corporate influence in campaigns, equalizing campaign finance, and restructuring presidential term limits.

Gary Schuman For Congress 2024


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