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Feeding the Hungry: The Vision of Gary Schuman

Feeding the hungry

In the face of the pressing issue of hunger, one man stands out with a unique solution. Gary Schuman, a seasoned restaurateur, has a deep understanding of the food industry and its wastage problem. He has observed how numerous fast food restaurants and retail outlets discard healthy, nutritious food daily. This observation has led him to devise a plan that not only addresses the issue of food waste but also feeds the hungry.

Schuman’s innovative program aims to save businesses money by eliminating the need to pay private sanitation companies to haul away unused food. Instead, these nutrient-rich meals are redirected to those in need. This approach not only reduces waste but also provides a valuable service to the community.

The beauty of Schuman’s plan is that it comes at no cost to taxpayers. It’s a win-win solution that benefits businesses, the community, and the environment.

As a future congressman, Gary Schuman continues to demonstrate his commitment to practical, beneficial solutions for society’s challenges. His vision for addressing hunger is just one example of how he plans to make a positive impact. With leaders like Schuman, the future looks promising indeed.


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